Overview of sound systems

There are two types of sounds available in the audio system: sound effects and music. Sound effects are short bursts of quick sounds that signal the player of the game making progress. A few examples of sound effects are gun noises, bullets firing, a character jumping, physics contact events and many others. Music is longer in length and usually played in a loop. A few examples of music are background music, cut scenes, successfully completing a milestone in the game and many others.

All audio assets are imported into the editor in the format of audioClip assets. If you want to play audio, you first need to create an AudioSource in the scene.

For music, audioClip assets can be assigned directly to the clip property on an AudioSource. If you want to play music you can set the playOnAwake property of the AudioSource to true or call its play method in the script.

For sound effects, you can call the playOneShot method of AudioSource in the script, calling this method requires incoming sound clips and the volume of playback.

Note that although the audioClip asset itself also has direct interface implementations such as play, but AudioSource is the usual entry point, try to use components to component the workflow.

All AudioClip asset objects are one EventTarget:

  • The started event is sent when the audio starts to actually play.

  • When the audio playback ends naturally, the ended event will be issued.

Platform differentiation

Web audio API, DOM audio, WeChat mini game audio are currently supported, although the audio interface implementations of each platform are not fully unified at runtime.

There is, however, some incongruity in the engine:

  • The DOM audio mode on iOS does not support adjusting the volume, and not all volume related attributes will not be available. Calling playOneShot multiple times causes the audio currently playing to stop and then replay the same audio.

  • Only Web Audio mode supports multiple playback of the same audio. In other modes, to avoid repeated creation,the playing

  • Most platforms have complied with the latest auto play policy. Even if playOnAwake is set, it will only start playing when user input is first received.

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