Main Menu

There is a main menu bar at the top of the editor, which can be used in the extensions.


When the extension needs to add a menu, just fill in the object. For example, we add a menu item in the Extension:

    "name": "hello-world",
    "contributions": {
        "message": {
            "open-panel": {
                "methods": ["openPanel"]
        "menu": [
                "path": "i18n:menu.extension",
                "label": "Open Hello World",
                "icon": "./static/icon.png",
                "message": "open-panel"

Then the editor will add an Open Hello World menu in the Extension. After clicking this menu, an openPanel message will be sent to the registered extension. Then trigger the openPanel method in the extension.


Type {string} Required

Search path of the top menu:

  • i18m:menu.project
  • i18n:menu.node
  • i18n:menu.panel
  • i18n:menu.extension
  • i18n:menu.develop

You can also fill in multi-level menus, such as i18n:menu.extension/Hello World.


Type {string} Required

The name of the menu item. Supports i18n:key syntax.


Type {string} Optional

Menu icon, passing in an icon relative path.


Type {string} Optional

Message triggered after menu click.

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