Console outputs editor or engine information, including log, warnings, and errors. Different types of information will be displayed in different colors.

The colors displayed are as follows:

  • console.log(): output log, gray text, the content that developers in the editor and plug-in feel necessary to print to the console.


  • console.warn(): output warning, yellow text, the abnormal situation encountered by the program that does not affect the result.


  • console.error(): output error, red text, the exception encountered during operation that will affect the result, the severity is the highest.


Panel operation

The functions of the top toolbar are:

  • Clear all logs in the current console.
  • Enter text fuzzy search.
  • Whether to convert the input text to regular search.
  • Select the type of log to display.
  • Open the log file backed up on the disk, and the file data will be reset every time the editor starts.


Parameter Settings

Some parameters of the console are configured in Preferences. Please refer to the extended settings in the Preferences documentation.


Content Output Rules

In order to facilitate the location of files, nodes or resources, and provide a quick step to the help document, some recognition of the content and adding actions is required. Specific requirements are as follows:

  • Redirect links according to url.
  • Display pictures according to url.
  • Locate Asset resource according to url or uuid.
  • Locate the Node node according to uuid.
  • Locate the script file according to the disk file path path.
  • Output text in the corresponding language.

Data Format

  • {type[text](url)}
  • {type(text | url | uuid | path)}

Data format description

  • Match the characters in {} as a whole.
  • [text] is optional for expansion input.
  • When type exists, it is not case sensitive.
  • When type does not exist, the original data is output.

  • types has:

    • link: external redirect link.
    • Image: display picture.
    • Asset: locates resources.
    • node: locates the node.
    • I18n: multilingual translation.


console.log('Open {link[the help doc url](}');
console.log('Locate {link[ the file in library](D:/cocos-creator/a/library/36/36b55a90-1547-4695-8105-abd89f8a0e5f.js)}');
console.log('Locate Node UUID {node(f6zHdGKiZDhqbDizUsp8mK)}');
console.warn('Locate Asset UUID {asset(17185449-5194-4d6c-83dc-1e785375acdb)}');
console.error('Locate Asset URL {asset(db://assets/animation.anim)}');
console.log('The URL is {asset[{asset(db://assets/animation.anim)}](db://assets/animation.anim)}');
console.log('Show image {image(}');
console.log('Translate: {i18n(console.description)}');

Which looks like this in the Console window:


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