Physics System

The physics system is used to manage all physics related functions. Currently, it is responsible for synchronizing physical elements, triggering physics events and scheduling iterations of the physical world.

Physics World

When the physics world iterates, physical calculations will be made on physical elements, such as calculating whether each object collides and the force of the object. When the calculation is completed, the physics system will update the physics world to the scene world, so that the game objects will generate corresponding physical behaviors.

The current physics execution flow of Coccos Creator 3D: trigger physics events -> sync scene data to physics -> physics world iteration -> sync physics data to scene.

Note: There is only a single physical world, and the functional support of the multi-physics world will be discussed later.

Scene World And Physics World:

Scene World and Physics World


The properties of the physics system can only be set through the code for the time being. A setting panel will be added in the future, please pay attention to the update announcement.

Note: Gets the instance of physics system using: PhysicsSystem.instance

Properties Description
enable Whether to enable the physics system, the default is true
gravity The gravity value of the physics world, the default is (0, -10, 0)
allowSleep Whether to allow the physics system to automatically sleep, the default is true
maxSubSteps The maximum number of physics simulation sub-steps per frame, the default is 2
fixedTimeStep The time spent in each step of physics simulation, the default is 1/60, note that is not every frame
sleepThreshold The default speed threshold for going to sleep, the default is 0.1
autoSimulation Automatic simulation, the default is true
defaultMaterial Get the default physics material (read only)
raycastResults Gets the raycast test results (read only)
raycastClosestResult Gets the raycastClosest test result (read only)
useCollisionMatrix Whether to use a collision matrix, the default is false
collisionMatrix Gets the collision matrix


Property Signature Description
isCollisionGroup (g1:number, g2:number)=>boolean Are collisions between g1 and g2?
setCollisionGroup (g1:number, g2:number, collision=true)=>void Sets whether collisions occur between g1 and g2.
resetCollisionMatrix (mask=0xffffffff)=>void Reset the mask corresponding to all groups of the collision matrix to the given value
resetAccumulator (time=0)=>void Reset the accumulator of time to given value

Continue to the physics component documentation.

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