ScrollBar Component Reference

The ScrollBar allows the user to scroll by dragging a sliding block. It's a bit similar to the Slider component, but it is mostly used as a part of the ScrollView while Slider is used independently to set values.


Click the Add Component button at the bottom of the Inspector panel and select UI/ScrollBar to add the ScrollBar component to the node.

ScrollBar Properties

Properties Function Explanation
AutoHideTime Time to hide the ScrollBar automatically, need to set Enable Auto Hide to true for it to take effect
Direction Scroll direction, including HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL
EnableAutoHide Enable or disable auto hide. If this property is enabled, the ScrollBar will automatically disappear after actions stopped for AutoHideTime.
Handle ScrollBar foreground picture. Its length / width will be calculated according to the content size of ScrollView and the dimensions of the actual display area

Detailed Explanation

The ScrollBar normally is used together with ScrollView instead of being used alone. Also, ScrollBar needs to assign a Sprite component, i.e. Handle in the Inspector panel.

Normally we will also designate a background image to ScrollBar. This can be used to indicate the length or width of the whole ScrollBar.

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