Class: Editor.Window

new Editor.Window (name[, options])

  • name string - The window name.
  • options object - The Electron's BrowserWindow options with the following additional field
    • windowType string - Can be one of the list:
      • dockable: Indicate the window contains a dockable panel
      • float: Indicate the window is standalone, and float on top.
      • fixed-size: Indicate the window is standalone, float on top and non-resizable.
      • quick: Indicate the window will never destroyed, it only hides itself when it close which make it quick to show the next time.
    • save boolean - Indicate if save the window position and size.

Window class for operating editor window.

Instance Methods

win.adjust (x, y, w, h)

  • x number
  • y number
  • w number
  • h number

Try to adjust the window to fit the position and size we give.

win.close ()

Close the window.

win.closeDevTools ()

Closes the devtools.

win.dispose ()

Dereference the native window.

win.emptyLayout ()

Clear all panels docked in current window.

win.focus ()

Focus on the window.

win.forceClose ()

Force close the window.

win.hide ()

Hide the window.

win.load (editorUrl, argv)

  • editorUrl string
  • argv object

Load page by url, and send argv in query property of the url. The renderer process will parse the argv when the page is ready and save it in Editor.argv in renderer process.

win.minimize ()

Minimize the window.

win.openDevTools (options)

  • options object
    • mode string - Opens the devtools with specified dock state, can be right, bottom, undocked, detach. Defaults to last used dock state. In undocked mode it’s possible to dock back. In detach mode it’s not.

Opens the devtools.

win.popupMenu (template[, x, y])

  • template object - The menu template.
  • x number - The x position.
  • y number - The y position.

Popup a context menu.

win.resetLayout ([url])

  • url string

Reset the dock layout of current window via url

win.restore ()

Restore the window.

win.show ()

Show the window.

win.send (message[, ...args])

  • message string - The message name.
  • ...args ... - Whatever arguments the message needs.
  • callback function - You can specify a callback function to receive IPC reply at the last or the 2nd last argument.
  • timeout number - You can specify a timeout for the callback at the last argument. If no timeout specified, it will be 5000ms.

Send message with ...args to renderer process asynchronously. It is possible to add a callback as the last or the 2nd last argument to receive replies from the IPC receiver.

Instance Properties


If the window is focused.


If the window is loaded.


If this is a main window.


If the window is minimized.


Returns the id list of the panel dock on this window.

Static Properties


The url of the default layout.


The main window.


The current opened windows.

Static Methods

Editor.Window.addWindow ( win )

  • win Editor.Window

Add an Editor.Window to window list.

Editor.Window.find ( param )

  • param string|BrowserWindow|WebContents

Find window by name, by BrowserWindow instance or by WebContents instance. Returns the Editor.Window.

Editor.Window.removeWindow ( win )

  • win Editor.Window

Remove an Editor.Window from window list.

IPC Messages

Message: 'editor:window-center'

Message: 'editor:window-focus'

Message: 'editor:window-inspect-at'

Message: 'editor:window-load'

Message: 'editor:window-open'

Message: 'editor:window-query-layout'

Message: 'editor:window-remove-all-panels'

Message: 'editor:window-resize'

Message: 'editor:window-save-layout'

条与 "" 相匹配的结果

    没有与 "" 匹配的结果