3D Node

Authors: Xunyi, youyou

Node API upgrade

Since Cocos Creator supports 3D features in v2.1, the API for the corresponding node also needs to be upgraded from 2D to 3D.

The most significant change is that the type of rotation will be changed from Number to cc.Quat in later versions, if you want to rotate nodes in 2D space as before, you can use the angle attribute. Correspondingly, the setRotation and getRotation will also be changed to use cc.Quat.

Please refer to the following table for specific upgrades:

API v2.0.3 v2.1 - 2.x v3.x
rotationX, rotationY KEEP Number DEPRECATE,
USE eulerAngles
rotation KEEP Number DEPRECATE,
USE angle
GET cc.Quat
angle ADD, = -rotation -rotation -rotation
scale KEEP Number KEEP Number KEEP Number
getRotation() KEEP Number DEPRECATE,
USE angle
GET cc.Quat
getRotation(cc.Quat) GET cc.Quat
setRotation KEEP Number DEPRECATE SET Number,
USE angle
SET cc.Quat
setRotation SET cc.Quat
getScale() KEEP Number DEPRECATE,
USE scale
GET cc.Vec2 / cc.Vec3
getScale(cc.Vec2/cc.Vec3) GET cc.Vec2 / cc.Vec3
setScale KEEP Number KEEP Number KEEP Number
position KEEP cc.Vec2 GET cc.Vec3 GET cc.Vec3

Open 3D node

After Cocos Creator v2.1 adds 3D support, the nodes are divided into 2D nodes and 3D nodes.

The difference between them is that 2D nodes are only considered in 2D space when doing matrix calculations or some property settings, which can save a lot of running overhead.

The newly created node is a 2D node By default, and there are two ways to set the node to be a 3D node:

  • Click the 3D button at the top right of the Properties to switch:


    As you can see, when a node is switched to a 3D node, the values that can be set in the rotation, position, and scaling, etc parameters change from two to three, increasing the Z-axis coordinates. This allows us to easily edit the 3D properties of the node in the Properties.

  • Toggle in code

    node.is3DNode = true;

Note: Color and Opacity properties of 3D nodes may not take effect on some renderer components.

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