Mini Game Subpackage

Some mini game platforms support subpackaging to divide resources, scenes, and scripts. Creator supports Asset Bundle starting in v2.4, which allows developers to divide contents that need to be subpackaged into multiple Asset Bundles, and these Asset Bundles will be built into subpackages of the mini game. Only the necessary main packages will be downloaded when you startup the game, and these subpackages will not be loaded, but will be manually loaded by the developer during the game. This effectively reduces the time for the game startup.


The Asset Bundle is configured in folders. When we select a folder in the Assets panel, the Properties panel will show a Is Bundle option, if set, the folder-related configuration options will appear:

In addition to the general Asset Bundle Configuration, the main settings to focus on for the mini game subpackages are:

  • Set the Target Platform to the mini game platform that you want to subpackage, and set the Compression Type to the Mini Game Subpackage.
  • The mini game subpackages can only be placed locally and cannot be configured as remote packages, so the Is Remote Bundle option cannot be checked.

Once configured, click the Apply button at the top right and the folder will be configured as a Asset Bundle.


After the project is built, this Asset Bundle folder is packaged into the subpackages folder in the release package directory of the mini game platform. Each folder contained in this folder is an Asset Bundle.

For example, if the cases/01_graphics folder in the example-case is configured as an Asset Bundle on the WeChat Mini Game, then after the project is built, a 01_graphics folder is generated in the subpackages folder in the release package directory, and the 01_graphics folder is an Asset Bundle.

WeChat Mini Games

When building for the WeChat Mini Game, the configuration of the Asset Bundle will be automatically generated into the game.json configuration file of the WeChat Mini Games release package directory according to the rules.


Note: WeChat Mini Games require a specific version to support the Subpackage feature. WeChat 6.6.7 Client, 2.1.0 and above base library support, please update to the latest client version, developer tools please use version 1.02.1806120 and above. After updating the developer tools, don't forget to modify the version of Details -> Local Settings -> Debug Base library to 2.1.0 and above in the WeChat DevTools:


Subpackage Load Package Size Limit

At present, the size of the WeChat Mini Game subpackage has following restrictions:

  • The size of all subpackage of the entire Mini Game can not exceed 20M.
  • The size of a single subpackage is not limited.
  • The main package size can not exceed 4M.

Please refer to the WeChat Subpackage Loading documentation for details.

vivo Mini Games

When building for the vivo Mini Game, the configuration of the Asset Bundle will be automatically generated into the manifest.json configuration file in the qgame/src directory of the vivo Mini Game release package according to the rules.



  1. Starting with 1051 version, Quick App & vivo Mini Game Debugger supports the subpackage loading of vivo Mini Game. Versions lower than 1051 do not support subpackage loading, but they are also compatible. If a subpackage is configured in the editor's Properties panel, it will not affect the normal operation of the game. Please refer to vivo Subpackage Loading - runtime compatibility for details.
  2. Unlike other mini game platforms, the Asset Bundle folder for the vivo Mini Game will be generated in the src directory of release package qgame directory after the project is built.

Subpackage Load Package Size Limit

Currently, the size of the vivo Mini Game subpackage is limited to 20M (4M for main package and 16M for subpackages).

Please refer to the vivo Subpackage Loading for details.

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