Collision Detection

Authors: Xunyi, youyou

Cocos Creator provides a set of API for detecting 3D object collision, and user can use these APIs for detection such as raycast.


  • cc.geomUtils.intersect.raycast(rootNode, ray, handler, filter)

      // Get a ray from the screen that is directed to the screen based on the point clicked
      let ray = camera.getRay(touchPos);
      // Detects downward based on the incoming root node and returns the detection results
      // The returned result contains the node and distance
      let results = cc.geomUtils.intersect.raycast(cc.director.getScene(), ray);
      for (let i = 0; i < results.length; i++) {
          results[i].node.opacity = 100;

    If you want to detect more accurately, you can pass in a handler function to detect.

      let handler = function (modelRay, node, distance) {
          // modelRay is the ray that ray convert to the node's local coordinate system
          let meshRenderer = node.getComponent(cc.MeshRenderer);
          if (meshRenderer && meshRenderer.mesh) {
              // If a mesh renderer is present, the mesh is detected. Although it consumes more performance, but the detection is more accurate
              return cc.geomUtils.intersect.rayMesh(modelRay, meshRenderer.mesh);
          // return
          return distance;
      let results = cc.geomUtils.intersect.raycast(cc.director.getScene(), ray, handler);

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