Custom Gizmo

Currently, Gizmo uses svg.js as the operating tool. For the specific API of svg.js, please refer to the Gizmo documentation.

Creating a custom Gizmo

Let's demonstrate how to create a simple circle that can move and scale with the node:

First, create a new JavaScript script named CustomComponent in Assets, and add the following content:

// Define a simple component and name it CustomComponent
    extends: cc.Component,

    properties: {
        radius: 100

Second, in the Creator menu bar, select Extensions -> Create New Extension Plug-in -> For all projects (in user profile folder)/For current project (in project folder) to create a new extension package and name it custom-gizmo.

Third, click Project/App in the upper right corner of Creator, add a file custom-gizmo.js under packages -> custom-gizmo directory, and add the following content:

class CustomGizmo extends Editor.Gizmo {
    init () {
        // Initialize some parameters

    onCreateRoot () {
        // Create a callback for the svg root node, you can create your svg tool here
         // 'this._root' can get the svg root node created by 'Editor.Gizmo'

         // Example:

         // Create an svg tool
         // 'group' function documentation:
        this._tool =;

        // Draw a circle
         // 'circle' function documentation:
        let circle =;

        // Define a drawing function for tool, which can be other names
        this._tool.plot = (radius, position) => {
            this._tool.move(position.x, position.y);

    onUpdate () {
        // Update the svg tool in this function

        // Get the components attached to the gizmo
        let target =;

        // Get the node that the gizmo is attached to
        let node = this.node;

        // Get the component radius
        let radius = target.radius;

        // Get the world coordinates of the node
        let worldPosition = node.convertToWorldSpaceAR(cc.v2(0, 0));

        // Convert world coordinates to svg view
        // The coordinate system of svg view is not the same as the node coordinate system,
        // Here we use the built-in function to convert the coordinates
        let viewPosition = this.worldToPixel(worldPosition);

        // Align the coordinates to prevent the svg from jittering due to accuracy issues
        let p = Editor.GizmosUtils.snapPixelWihVec2( viewPosition );

        // Get the radius of the circle in world coordinates
        let worldPosition2 = node.convertToWorldSpaceAR(cc.v2(radius, 0));
        let worldRadius = worldPosition.sub(worldPosition2).mag();
        worldRadius = Editor.GizmosUtils.snapPixel(worldRadius);

        // Move the svg tool to the coordinates
        this._tool.plot(worldRadius, p);

// If you need to customize the timing of Gizmo display, just rewrite the 'visible' function
//    visible () {
//        return this.selecting || this.editing;
//    }

// Gizmo is created in which Layer: foreground, scene, background
// Created in scene Layer by default
//    layer () {
//        return 'scene';
//    }

// If Gizmo needs to participate in the click test, just rewrite the ’rectHitTest‘ function
//    rectHitTest (rect, testRectContains) {
//        return false;
//    }

module.exports = CustomGizmo;

Register a custom Gizmo

Define the gizmos field in package.json in your custom package, and register the custom Gizmo, as shown below:

"gizmos": {
    "CustomComponent": "packages://custom-gizmo/custom-gizmo.js"
  • CustomComponent: Component name.
  • packages://custom-gizmo/custom-gizmo.js: CustomGizmo path

This will register CustomGizmo to CustomComponent.

Then, select the node to add the gizmo in Node Tree panel, select Add Component -> User Script Component -> CustomComponent in the Properties panel, notice the gizmo display In the Scene panel. If the gizmo isn't seen, please refresh the editor or restart the editor.

Please read the next article Custom Gizmo Advanced.

Please refer to the Gizmo API.

For additional Gizmo examples, please refer to the Gizmo Examples.

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