v2.4 Subpackage upgrade guide

Author: Santy-Wang, Xunyi

This document will detail the considerations for upgrading resource subpackages in older projects to v2.4.

Before v2.4, the Subpackage Loading only supported various mini game platforms, such as WeChat Mini Games, OPPO Mini Games, etc.. However, with the continuous development of Creator, developers' demands for subpackage have been increasing, such as multi-platform support, and the original subpackage loading is no longer enough. Therefore, starting from v2.4, the Creator officially supports the more complete Asset Bundle.

  • For the Artist and Game Designer, all resources in your project (e.g. scenes, animations, prefab) do not need to be modified or upgraded.
  • For Programmers, the cc.loader.downloader.loadSubpackage needs to be changed to the cc.assetManager.loadBundle from Asset Manager. The related content will be described in detail in this document.

Note: if you used Subpackage Loading in your old project, that is, if you checked the Subpackage option in the Properties panel, then when the project is upgraded to the v2.4, it will automatically convert to an Asset Bundle.

Situations that require upgrading manually

You used the API cc.loader.downloader.loadSubpackage in your own code to load the subpackage.

Upgrade steps

  • Back up your old projects
  • Use Cocos Creator v2.4 in the Dashboard to open an old project that needs to upgrade the subpackage, Creator will reimport the affected resources. The first import will take a little longer, and the main editor window will open after the import is complete. And then you can open the code editor to replace all cc.loader.downloader.loadSubpackage with cc.assetManager.loadBundle.

    // before
    cc.loader.downloader.loadSubpackage('sub1', (err) => {
      cc.loader.loadRes('sub1/sprite-frames/background', cc.SpriteFrame);
    // after
    cc.assetManager.loadBundle('sub1', (err, bundle) => {
      // The relative path to the Asset Bundle root
      bundle.load('sprite-frames/background', cc.SpriteFrame);

How to use the Asset Bundle

For details on how to use the Asset Bundle, please refer to the Asset Bundle documentation.

For APIs related to the Asset Bundle, please refer to the Asset Bundle API documentation.

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