3D Physics and Collision

Since v2.3.0, Cocos Creator has added support for 3D Physics and Collision.

Cocos Creator’s physics engine is based on cannon.js and provides users with an efficient, componentized workflow with convenient usage methods. Currently, supported functionality is: rigid body, Box/Sphere collision components, trigger and collision events, physical materials, ray detection and many other features.

Builtin, the 3D collision detection system, is a physics module with only a collision detection system. It does not have complicated physics simulation calculations, which will make the game’s package smaller and provide better performance.

The 3D Physics and Collision includes the following:

The group management of 3D Physics and Collision is completely the same as 2D, please refer to Collision Group Management for details.
For information about 2D, please refer to 2D Physics and Collision.

For more usage, please refer to 3D Physics Examples.

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